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Creating neighborhoods where people are safe, children thrive, & every adult is living life to their fullest potential.

About Us

What We Do

Every human being has the capacity to care! Chances are, you're already making a difference somewhere by investing yourself in a some sort of caring act; mowing a neighbor's lawn, mentoring in a school, volunteering in any number of great organizations. We bring together caring partners (individuals, organizations, and businesses) to help create neighborhoods where every child is safe, loved and thriving, and every adult is living life to their fullest potential.

How We Do It

We focus on three strategies. The Renewal Team (also known as the WE CARE team) works citywide to unite individuals, organizations, and businesses as caring partners building a stronger city. In Haven Houses volunteers unite neighbors on the block or in the apartment building where they live bring neighbors together through various activities. Friendship Houses are built in low income areas and lived in by Community Renewal staff who work with neighbors to transform their neighborhood and improve the lives of all. As simple as this may sound this is a strategy that has been proven to work. You can read more about how and why it works here.

You Can Make a Difference

Community Renewal, better neighborhoods, and stronger cities don't happen without you! The most important thing you can do is join the We Care team. Just let us know what you will be doing to care for others. Sign up for our communications so you can participate in our various trainings and joint volunteer opportunities. Make a donation. We have no corporate sponsors or major grants. Our funding comes from people like you! 

Affiliated with CRI

Community Renewal International

Founded in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1994, Community International has works to restore the foundations of safe and caring community by rebuilding the systems of caring relationships. An independent study by local police verifies that their strategy works by documenting a 52% drop in major crime within the 30 block areas where their Friendship Houses are located, and that's just one measure of their success! You can find out more about CRI here.